The Newlands Hotel, Blackpool

A bit about us:

The Newlands Hotel

40 Bairstow Street (opp Central Pier)

Blackpool, Lancashire


tel: 01253 621 183


Phil and Heather  ~

Now in our 17th season at the Newlands Hotel 

Heather Also known as 'Morticia'! Once you meet her you feel like you've known her for years. She's a fantastic cook, very good company & great with kids of all ages (including Phil!).

Heather has been known to add a little glamour to the Newlands bar in the past.  
  Although nowadays, you are more likely to find her in jodhpurs and riding around on a beast (.........behave)


 Phil : Known as Phil! Great bloke (I can say this because I wrote it!). Has been known to have a full pint some evenings! Loves music and is occasionally heard destroying the odd 'classic' by picking up one of the many guitars that live in the bar .

You don't get quite the same glamour with Phil - but he's been known to meet with Spiderman for a quick pint some summer evenings though! 

 Phil and Heather moved from Derbyshire to take over the Newlands Hotel in June 2003 with the intention of making it 'the best place to stay in Blackpool'; and with over 2500 Hotels, B&B's and other Guest House accommodation in the Blackpool area we knew that total dedication and complete Customer Satisfaction would be the key.

From a background of 18 years in the 'Quality' profession (Phil has a Master of Science Degree (MSc) in 'Quality Management and Improvement'), both Phil and Heather know that your holiday accommodation can mean the difference between a 'good' holiday and a 'great' holiday.  With this in mind we strive to ensure that everything you need from a small hotel / Guest House is provided. 
Friendliness, cleanliness, great home cooking, entertainment and value for money are all at the top of our list to help make your visit to Blackpool more enjoyable.


Phil & Heather have given the bar area a 'music' theme with various musical instruments on display, often guests entertain each other with their impromptu 'jamming sessions' and Phil often tries to join in where he can.  The Dining room also became themed, with memorabilia from the 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Hobbit' movie franchises.... not quite sure why, it was never planned - it just happened that way.

Don't forget to See our Roomsand what's available For the kidsat the Newlands. Also; check out our page on Blackpool attractions & links as there's always something happening in Blackpool whatever the weather or the time of year.

 If you enjoy your stay with us please tell your friends, if for some reason you don't, please tell us - See 'Contact us' for how to get in touch.

* Voted (by our visitors) as one of the best hotels in Blackpool *

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Newlands Hotel - As seen on TV ...... errr..... Here!


"Of all the small Hotels, B&B's and Guest houses available in Blackpool; we genuinely believe that for cleanliness, good food, prices and friendliness the Newlands Hotel is the best place to stay and we both look forward to meeting you soon".  

Phil & Heather.